Promotional products that will kick start your summer!

With summer finally here, businesses are starting to search for the top promotional products that will create a long-lasting effect on their customers.

Selecting products for the warm weather that also have a purpose can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together a list of our most favorite promotional product ideas for the summer period that you may want to consider:

Personalised beach balls

Beach balls are an amusing way to advertise your business throughout the summertime. It will also help add personality to your company if you are hosting an outdoor event or even if you plan to head down to the beach on a company outing.

Custom drink koozies

Custom drink koozies are not only a fantastic promotional product for a business barbecue or sporting occasion, they’re perfect for keeping your summer drinks cold and refreshing.

Promotional water bottles

Ideal for open-air events, why not advertise your business on a brightly illuminated water bottle while the sun is shining?

Personalised sun cream

Keep your customers protected while they’re having fun in the sun with a personalised sun cream bottle. This travel sized bottle will be perfect for your customers as they can easily carry it with them in their bags or pockets while they’re on the go.

Custom beach bags

A custom beach bag that contains zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe sounds like the greatest holiday partner to us! Not only that, having your business name or logo stamped on the outside of the bag will help in getting your company noticed wherever you go.

Promotional mini fans

Promotional mini fans are most useful if you are in a warm crowded area or if you’re attending any summer festivals, these small gadgets are well liked due to their compact size and functionality.

Personalised beach towels

Whether you decide to stay beside the pool or head down to the beach, personalised beach towels are an essential promotional product for the perfect summer escape. Design your customer’s summer holiday with a personalised beach towel featuring your business’ logo, for a promotional product that’s sure to be utilised, no matter the destination!

Promotional sunglasses

Planning on spending the day in the garden or driving your car on a sunny morning? Promotional sunglasses are fantastic for whenever the sun is shining and are particularly popular at events, such as festivals for those surprise bursts of sunshine.

Custom flip flops

Everyone needs a pair of these to slip on during a warm summer’s day and what better than to customise them in your brand’s colour and logo. Custom flip flops are again a fantastic promotional product for events, such as festivals, or even for weddings and parties.

Personalised coolers

Coolers allow for a day full of exhilarating fun in the sun for workers, customers, and clients. With ice holders, zippered pockets for additional storage and a movable shoulder strap for improved comfort, they’re a great way to really get your businesses’ name out there.

Allowing this creativity through promotional products will not only help boost the brand of your products but will give your company a personality along the way helping to attract more customers. Are you looking for promotional products to take your business to the next level? We can help you find the best promotional products to help you make the best first impression with your customers. Find out more about why you should use promotional products by clicking here.

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