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National Tea Day

We all know how much us Brits love a good cuppa and here at the U Name it office we are no different! That’s why we’re so pleased that we have in Britain a National Tea Day, that takes place every year on 21st April! It has been founded as a community movement of tea houses and lovers to promote tea in British culture. Founded by tea enthusiasts the event has grown to become a platform for tea brands to promote both taste and ethical sourcing practices.

The day promotes the use of the hashtag #Nationalteaday on Twitter, which was one of the top 10 trending hashtags in the UK on the day in 2016. Additionally, Yorkshire Tea have just released new advertising which features Yorkshire celebrities and humorous tones, highlighting the love of tea nationwide. So in light of this momentous occasion, we decided to give you some advice on how to make the perfect cup of tea…

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promotional mugs

Have you got a favourite mug that you use day in, day out? It may have coffee stains and a little chip, but you love it, and it makes you feel at home in the workplace doesn’t it? That’s why mugs are a great promotional product.

You may never have given its presence a second thought before now, but here at U Name it, we believe that they can be a very powerful marketing tool and a great promotional product! Research by the BPMA recently discovered that:

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