With the festival season, well and truly underway wristbands will be worn on people’s arms all summer (maybe even all year) so what better way to promote your company than with a wristband.

With hundreds of thousands of people attending festivals and wearing wristbands, this summer is a prime opportunity to market your company. Wristbands are a fantastic contemporary way to engage conversation with people about who you are, and the great thing is unlike T-shirts people are highly likely to wear them immediately, maximising the chances of customer engagement and immediately creating interest about your company.

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Despite what the weather forecast might be saying we are now firmly into summer and for many that means getting ‘bikini ready’ making exercise high on people’s agenda, equally festival fans have already started descending on fields across the country and when you throw in the amount of fun runs, half marathons, charity bike rides and swims it’s easy to see why the reusable water bottle is our promotional summer product of choice.

The key to any fitness regime is staying hydrated and on hot summer days, this is ever more important, making branded sports bottles a key component of any sports-based promotions. For those serious about getting their body ready for the beach branded protein shake bottles are perfect for the months leading to beach holidays.

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When it comes to promotional merchandise the printed mug can seem somewhat unassuming, a costly misconception. There is a (builders brew) strong case to argue the humble ceramic mug is king.

Research has shown that cost per impression on printed mugs are 8 times less than tv advertising, 5 times less than newspaper advertising and 3 times less than radio advertising, certainly not something to be sniffed at. Basically, promotional mugs offer a fantastic solution for cost effectively advertising and gaining maximum exposure for your brand.

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